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General Visio / Re: How to permanently align shapes?
« Last post by Yacine on Today at 12:13:14 PM »
To add to Wapperdude's list: use a proper grid with fixed spacing and big snap value.
General Visio / Re: How to permanently align shapes?
« Last post by wapperdude on Today at 12:07:47 PM »
To add to the dicussion, all of those would typical techniques, but each has short comings.
Grouping:  Best application is for moving both shapes at same time...but not necessarily limited in this regard.

Shapesheet:  this can be used in conjunction with grouping or independent of grouping.   Allows you to lock either horizontal, vertical, or both alignments.  Makes it easy to change spacing but maintain alignment.  Requires editing to break alignment.

VBA (macro):  many various possibilities.  Downside is macro security issue.  VBA could be used to align 2 or more shapes, lock their alignment, etc.  Basically, if you have repeatable task, VBA can be set to do those tasks for you, e.g. either of the steps above.  It is the most involved solution.

Guidelines:  you can glue shapes to guidelines, thus insuring their alignment.  Move the guidelines and all glued shapes move.  Our can easily move, reposition, change the order of the shapes.  Downside is extra clutter in the drawing, and alignment is lost if guideline is deleted.


General Visio / Visio 2013 suddenly stopped working
« Last post by khlacy on Today at 08:58:59 AM »
Visio 2013 was working fine and then all of a sudden, no menu bars, no tool bars, and when opening a previous file, it appears to be blank.  None of the items are visible.  I can hit Ctrl P to print and the drawing I've prepared is visible in the print menu - but still no file or menu bars.
General Visio / Re: How to permanently align shapes?
« Last post by on Today at 08:57:15 AM »
I realized this right after I posted this. Funny how things work like that. For now that's what I'll do but does any one know any other ways to achieve this? Thank you.
General Visio / Re: How to permanently align shapes?
« Last post by metuemre on Today at 08:48:05 AM »
You can group two shapes after you align them so that they will act like a single shape
General Visio / How to permanently align shapes?
« Last post by on Today at 08:44:25 AM »
I can't figure out how to keep an alignment constraint constant. It seems to be a temporary constraint. For example if I want to align two shapes horizontally by their origin, I select align by middle. But if I move one shape, their alignment breaks. How can I avoid this and have it so that if I move that shape, the other shape moves to keep them aligned by middle.
It's possible to make it look like a built-in feature. Please see the attached sample. I added a checkbox to Visual Aids group under View Tab so you can show/hide Sub Page View window.
As I don't have a newer version, I can only ask...
Before you drag and drop any shapes from a stencil, what if you re-save the stencil with new file format, vssx.  Then close everything, and re-open with new stencil?  Doubt that it makes a difference, but worth a try I think.

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