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General Visio / Re: Shape search in Visio doesn't work
« Last post by vojo on Today at 03:35:50 PM »
works for me for 1908 under MS teams
General Visio / Re: Shape search in Visio doesn't work
« Last post by Paul.V on Today at 02:23:23 PM »
will follow this topic. same problem I guess.
got the same specs and shape search is bugging my computer. All licensed

With regards,
General Visio / Re: Visio P&ID datatransfer shapes table question
« Last post by Paul.V on Today at 02:19:09 PM »
Yes it works,

managed to export and import back in with adjustments.

Am now working on a template in excel with the specs that I wanted so that I only have to import the file and connect.
Believe it is option 2 you mentioned.

Will update later and ask questions if i need some finetuning.

With regards,
I don't remember any Hatfield character in Star Trek! It's Visio, Jim, but not as we know it.
World is full of great ideas only to fail because everybody is spending their time on blood feuds.
For me, it was always "fun" trying to get the Hatfields and McCoys to work together  ;-)
Visio for Enterprise Architects was a version of Visio that interfaced with Visual Studio to create database diagrams. Alledgedly the Visio staff didn't want anything to do with it as it was considered to be a VS product, and the VS staff didn't want anything to do with it either. So it got dropped like a hot potato.
By such tactics are multi-billion dollar corporations run.
FWIW....Visio under MS Teams is about the best UI change MS has made in 20 years....nice and clean

RE 2013:  Startup slower and lots of real kludged design decisions and lame features
               But once up, ran fine for me (on par with 2003).
I am just wondering why Visio 2013 (and above) are so incredibly slow? Is it really the change of the drawing engine?
Or just change of the team? Like, "memory is not a resource anymore" motto put into practice?
@Nikolay:  That's how I felt about V2007.   At my former work, they switched over to V2010 and I instantly became a ribbon UI hater.  Never tempted to upgrade.  Then, along comes V2019.  Surprisingly, I like it more than V2007.  Not tempted to go back.  There are some really useful "path" features. 
I think Visio 2003 was awesome actually.
If it could connect to the cloud storage (such as azure and sharepoint), read/write VSDX, connect to data sources and do data graphics, why would one ever need something else ;D
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