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Sorry to always and only come back with my own tools.   :o
The tool recommended in this post:;topicseen#msg39197
works also for connectors.
I think that modifiying the color of all shapes just to correct their angle is a bad idea since they may have been colored otherwise on purpose. This work would be lost.Instead apply a "colored" layer to those shapes. After the correction remove the layer or remove the color from the layer.
Next idea, you may think about correcting the position automatically instead of coloring the shapes.
1. Create an object from an existing row item from the database
2. Create a new object on a page will create a new line item in the database
3. Updating any object metadata from Visio will update the database
4. Updating any object from the database will update the object in the diagram
5. Creating a connection between two objects will create register which objects have a connection

This is interesting, but I have some remarks.

  • It is important to decide who is the data master, the drawing or the the DB. They can't both be the master. In my projects its generally the drawing. Even data not related directly to drawing issues should be saved in the vsd* . This way the DB becomes a simple control tool, not the recipient of the data. This is in so far important as you can replace the DB (the control tool) and continue working on existing documents.
  • Creating shapes from rows in the DB is interesting but requires to have certain questions solved before hand:
  • Where and how to place the shapes
  • Have a stencils management system and a configuration tool for masters. This includes also the management of the custom properties
Wouldn't a repository system (eg Github) be the better platform for managing a project with multiple contributors?
attached screen shots.
Not sure what your target is, but I am assuming a lot here.
I just used the database wizard to link shapes on a page to database objects.

attached zip file.

the three boxes in the vsd file are linked to DB.accdb

I inserted the first name and last name into the text of the box.
by selecting another row in the DATA table it will alter the name in the box.

I don't think that "data graphics" were designed with connectors in mind.
Means, data graphics are supposed to be used on 2D shapes, like rectangles and circles. Trying to apply them to connectors looks like stepping into uncharted territory.

I'd recommend you use normal labeled connectors (like the ones @wapperdude suggested - although those are pretty advanced). Surely you can bind them to the shape data as well so that the labels are populated from the data. Note that if you follow this path then you probably will face a question how to replace 100+ of connectors with custom ones. I don't the right know the answer to that, unfortunately. I would go with a macro that does the modifications to the existing connectors, I think this could be the least destructive way.
IMHO: Not sure that it is best way use VBA, because you need manually start your macro or add trigger for start it.

My alternative ShapeSheet long formula in LineColor cell
Code: [Select]
IF(OR(AND(Angle<1 deg,Angle>0 deg),AND(Angle>-1 deg,Angle<0 deg),AND(ABS(Angle)>89 deg,ABS(Angle)<90 deg),AND(ABS(Angle)>90 deg,ABS(Angle)<91 deg),AND(ABS(Angle)>179 deg,ABS(Angle)<180 deg),AND(ABS(Angle)>180 deg,ABS(Angle)<181 deg)),2,0)
Programming & Code / Re: VBA to change the color of a shape if it has a specific angle
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Thank you alot wapperdud! This is exactly what i want. You made my day! :)
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