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General Visio / Re: How to force/ensure developer mode turned on??
« Last post by Paul Herber on Today at 11:22:07 AM »
As far as I know developer mode isn't on a per document basis, it is either on or off for the whole application.
General Visio / Re: How to force/ensure developer mode turned on??
« Last post by Yacine on Today at 10:29:06 AM »
General Visio / How to force/ensure developer mode turned on??
« Last post by vojo on Today at 10:17:48 AM »
So on 2013, developer mode icon removed from the UI about 1 out of every 3 documents opened or created
(thus need to goto advanced options to reenable developer mode)

Is there some sort of way to force developer mode in all cases

I would like to stay away from a VBA routine tied to document open event if at all possible.
Yes AJD thank you, will follow this strategy. Are there important performance considerations in terms of what to put where?
Thanks wrapperdude,

Cos I had no joy finding any good V2007 helpfile stuff on action row, docmd, shapesheet.

I'll look through your ideas shortly.

For now the macro solution is working well, and it links to "buttons" quite easily.

A bit disconcerting that the macro name in the copy (for project name sanitization) references the original VSD file although a local copy actually is made.

Here's how to link the macro to the "button" - any shape will do, something that looks like a button makes more sense

Ok - inline images going to take a while to figure out, looks like must load on a hosting site and post the URL ..... for now as attachments

Visio has that nasty feature that when you delete a layer it deletes the shapes assigned to this layer as well.Whilst the UI gives you no option to deactivate this feature, VBA does:
I've discovered this possibility after years of de-assigning my shapes from the layer before deleting it and thought I'd share.

The Action section of the shapesheet allows you to create quick access actions.  These appear in the pop-up menu when you right click a shape. 

A good starting place is this (don't let the V2003 reference alarm you, it's still the same technique):

Explanation of the various entries of an Actions row:

A good background on Visio is found here:  This about the best document describing the full range of things Visio.  Explore it.

More recent shapesheet reference:

Yes - 2 reasons

1. Was on the path to use a macro to do this, intending to launch the macro from a button on the sheet.

2. Docmd(), action row, shapesheet - that's all jargon to me at this stage.
    I've used Visio to draft engineering diagrams until now, that's about it
    - Testament to how intuitively good the UI is, haven't needed to use anything but the visual elements until now.

But I'll try pick up on the jargon, it may well work better in this case
General Visio / Re: Is there an easy way for other novice users to switch visible layers
« Last post by vojo on November 13, 2018, 09:03:23 AM »
is there a reason why you didn't use docmd(1446) in an action row in the shape sheet?

Action.layers = docmd(1446)

if you right click the shape or group of shapes (should check if it works at the page level), and select layers, it will
launch the layer dialog.   User can hide/show various layers.   when done, exit....if you need it again, repeat.
So I'll test in V2010+ and report back here
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