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Visio 2016 Issues / Unchecking names or titles in org charts (2016)
« Last post by dsteed on Today at 03:07:37 PM »
In Visio 2013 I would create organizational charts from ADP excel downloads with employee names and titles.  Then when printing for use outside the organization I could go in and uncheck the names and print the org chart with titles only.  I have searched in Visio 2016 and the web to figure out how to achieve the same outcome w/o having to edit and save every org chart a second time w/o names.  What have I missed or how do I accomplish?
Hello, I'm running Visio 2013 and trying to create a power distribution diagram that shows a power supply unit (PSU) connected to multiple loads. The trick is, I want the PSU to have a 'Watts' shape data with a value field that automatically sums the 'Watts' shape data from all connected loads. Furthermore, if a connection between a load and the PSU is removed, I want the PSU's shape data to update accordingly.

I imagine this would be a macro but what would be the trigger event and where would I put the macro call within the PSU's Shapesheet?

Thanks for the help.
3 about nomenclature challenges.  I cant figure what is even talking about

- You move shapes into or out of stencils
    - Stencils are drawing independent "file" for shapes so that they can be used across many drawings
    - when you pull a shape from a instance of that shape (in document stencil) is created
         - change stencil shape....nothing happens to the drawing
         - change document stencil shape...all shapes in drawing tied to that doc stencil shape, change
    - No real concept of stencil theme (unless you want to make your shape intelligent)

I am really not sure what you are getting at.

That said, there lots of bugs in 2013 and 2016
Sorry. don't know what you mean by 'assigned to the document by default' or 'Change the document to Variant n'.
Almost certain that I've discovered a bug in Visio 2016 that is easily reproducible? Would love if others could try and share their thoughts:
  • Create a new blank document.
  • Draw four rectangle shapes on the document.
  • Assign the Office theme to the document.
  • Create a new stencil.
  • With Variant 1 assigned to the document by default, add/move the first rectangle to the stencil.
  • Change the document to Variant 2, move the second rectangle to the stencil.
  • Change the document to Variant 3, move the second rectangle to the stencil.
  • Change the document to Variant 4, move the second rectangle to the stencil.
  • Change the document themes and variants, notice the thumbnails in the stencil update as expected to match.
  • Revert the document theme to Office, Variant 1.
  • Add one of each shape to the document.
  • Change between Variants 1, 2, 3, and 4.
Unexpected behavior:
  • When the document is set to Variant 1, each shape style reverts to the style the document had when that shape was when added to the stencil.
  • Notice that on Variants 2, 3, and 4, each shape behaves as expected and changes to match the theme and variant currently set by the document.
Any thoughts on this? There's a lot more detail and suspicion I can go into for why this happens and other cases where this is reproducible, but would like to confirm I'm not missing something blatantly obvious here.

Thanks all!
ShapeSheet & Smart Shapes / Re: Multicolor number
« Last post by wapperdude on Today at 11:10:04 AM »
Not at my computer...

Initial reaction this has to do with Visio's color mapping.  It might be better to use formula "RGB(x,y,z)" rather than a number, e.g. "1", where x,y,z are values of your choosing.  This does two things:  provides an absolute definition for the desired color, and (2), allows subtle tweaking to the colors not available thru a simple 0,1,2, ..., mapping system. 

ShapeSheet & Smart Shapes / Sheet Titles and Background Borders
« Last post by doone on Today at 10:55:57 AM »
Hi Everyone,

I know this topic has come up many times over the years, but I don’t think it has been truly solved yet (or least that I can find) for this scenario.  I need to have a title block/border on a Background page that will support different sheet titles and other info.  That is, each Page has its own unique title that can be rather lengthy.
I found this post where the poster needs the same thing I’m looking for, but he was able to solve the problem with VBA.  I would think there is a way to accomplish this strictly in the ShapeSheets.

The closest that I have gotten is to place =GUARD(Pages[Page-2]!ThePage!Prop.Sheet_Title) in the Background page.  The problem is that “Page-2” needs to dynamic – something like CurrentPage.

I’m tempted to just put a text box on each page with a field =GUARD(Prop.Sheet_Title) as a workaround.

Any ideas?
Thanks in advance.
I want to use a stencil icon in the RibbonXML. This way you don't need to carry around bmp files but they can be generated on the fly. I posted this as I was learning more about the differences between master.shape.picture and return from loadPicture().

I actually resolved this already you can look at the code here

But thank you for the response!
Visio 2013 Issues (!) / Re: A max of only 50 Actions rows displayed?
« Last post by metuemre on Today at 03:11:24 AM »
You can create a userform with a Treeview control on it and thanks to NodeClick event of Treeview, you can navigate to other pages with one click. Please see a sample application on my template.
In your case you will add all pages to treeview control and for each page you will add linked pages as child nodes.

ShapeSheet & Smart Shapes / Re: Dynamic Connector with Auto Numbering
« Last post by Decebal on September 21, 2017, 11:10:11 PM »

I've tried to use this connector in Visio 2007 and I found that end label has a fixed position with respect to begin label, no matter what begin point and end point are moved to.
I mean the start label moves with begin point correctly. But the end label doesn't move with the end point. The end label moves with begin point maintaining the X/Y offset from original drawing.

How is it possible to have this connector working correct in Visio 2007?
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