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Title: This morning Visio 2016 IRM activated!
Post by: JuneTheSecond on January 05, 2017, 11:09:10 PM
I have sent feedback twice or more, complaining that the menu protect diagram does not work at all.
And this morning I found Visio 2016 IRM menu, Files/Information/Protecting Diagram, activated!
Is it an new or a forgotten update?
I had already canceled the subscription of Sharepoint online few days ago,
because in Sharepoint online I failed to set up IRM for sharepoint nor for Visio.
I have only got success in windows RMS by installing free Microsoft Rights Management Services (RMS) for individuals, downloading from the site at It can protect any files on Windows file explorer.

Now I can execute the 1st example macro in Visio VBA editor to protect Visio file, too at

Option Explicit

Sub test()
Dim objPermission As Office.Permission
Dim objUserPerm As Office.UserPermission

Set objPermission = ActiveDocument.Permission

Set objUserPerm = objPermission.Add("", msoPermissionView, #12/31/2017#)
MsgBox "Permissions added for " & objUserPerm.UserId, vbInformation = vbOKOnly, "Permissions Added"
Set objUserPerm = Nothing

End Sub

Any way, thank you everybody!

I am sorry attatched pictures have not English text, as my Visio is Jananese version.

Title: Re: This morning Visio 2016 IRM activated!
Post by: Nikolay on January 17, 2017, 04:57:12 AM
It's really cool that you have managed to make it work!

For me, it worked once, but when I tried to repeat - the menu you show was not there! Damn.
It looks like the feature was designed  to work in corporate environment, it's not that easy to make it work without it..