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Title: Custom properties and reports
Post by: Yacine on November 20, 2009, 07:10:01 PM
Good evening,
I've been working quite a lot on P&IDs (process and intrumentation diagramms) lately. Amongst the functionality I want to implement in Visio, is to display the data of the shapes in a grid/table (We're working w/ visio 2003, so the data table of 2007 is not available). So far for the introduction.

Now I discover that the shapes I have to handle don't have "correct" row names like ID, Size, Name,... but just row_1 to row_n (or even worse in localized versions - "zeile_1"...)
The actual names are in the Labels column.
Until now that worked just fine, because either in the Custom data window as well as in the reports that doesn't matter.

However when you try to access the data by vba then  :-\ :'( >:( and you start renaming the rows of the custom props section of every relevant shape.  ??? Mustn't there be a simplier way to access the data by the LABEL of the props instead? Would be pleased to read your comments.

And speaking about labels and reports, did anyone find where the #/~ยง%@# standard report layout is saved. The standard reports are just too ugly. Haven't found other solutions to format reports than to export in Excel and re-import in Visio. Writing my own report routines doesn't seem to be the right way.

Title: Re: Custom properties and reports
Post by: aledlund on November 21, 2009, 12:24:23 PM
You might also check this out

Title: Re: Custom properties and reports
Post by: Yacine on November 22, 2009, 08:24:20 AM
Thank you al,
spent the morning looking how to handle the XML report. Sure, one can do a lot with that XML file, but it is also only an external file that has to be transformed and it is even more difficult than handling a simle excel file.
I was much more looking for a way to tell the report function to use a certain template, so I don't need to reformat the result. (Forgot to mention, that I need the report in the drawing)

One solution I found out is to save an already formated excel report as master, that can be updated once drawn on the drawing. It works, but I'm still not really satisfied.

Chris, if you happen to read this and as I understood you worked on the original Visio, before MS bought it. Is there a way to modify the report add-in in a way that it uses templates?